Suidou Technical Service Co.Ltd

Suidou Tecnical Service Co.Ltd is a specialty company of leakage of water investigation.



Suidou Technical Service Co. Ltd. We will comply with laws and norms regarding personal information, and will do all possible measures to protect important personal information of customers.

About collection of personal information

We may collect personal information, when as follows.

  • At the time of an inquiry to our company.
  • At the time of a service application to our company.

About the purpose of using personal information.

Our company uses the personal information collected from the customer for the following purpose.

  • For connection on a customer.
  • For the reply to the inquiry from a customer.
  • For the service provision to a customer.

About offer to the third party of personal information.

A third party is not disclosed or provided with the personal information acquired from the customer at our company.
However, in the following case, it removes.

  • When consent is obtained.
  • In the case of requests from government and municipal offices, such as a request from the police.
  • If it must be presented by law.

About disclosure of personal information, correction, etc.

If there is a disclosure of our self-information from the purchaser who, correction, deletion, etc., We, responds reliably.