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Suidou Tecnical Service Co.Ltd is a specialty company of leakage of water investigation.



Selection as "2018 HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprisesn300" by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency                           27/MAR/2019 announcement
 ◆The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency chosen us as "2018 HABATAKU Small and Medium
  Enterprises 300".
  This award chooses good practices of Japanese small and medium enterprises in the field of
  ’Productivity Enhancement’,’Demand Increase’ and ‘HR Acqisition’. Our practice was chosen in the
  field of ‘Demand Increase’.
  We were appraised in view of the following 3 points.
  ・Application of our business to unique situations in a developing country
  ・Selection and employment of human resources adaptable to overseas business activities
  ・Development and improvement of new devices, cost down and operational improvement for
   water leak detection
  We are going to contribute to overseas development with our technologies in the future.

Sponsorship for ‘Yokohama City support project for the youth aiming for the world’                                       27/MAR/2019 announcement
 ◆Yokohama City subsidize part of the study abroad expenses for high school students who hope to
  be global human resources in the future and live or stay in the city.
  We agree with the essence of the project and sponsor its fund, ‘Yokohama City support fund for the
  youth aiming for the world’.

【India】Concluded a Training Agreement with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board(BWSSB)                                      10/JAN/2018 announcement
 ◆We have concluded a Training Agreement, regarding water leakage detection methodology training
  for BWSSB personnel, with BWSSB on 21st December, 2017.
  The Training will be started on January 2018.

【Vietnam】Conducted a water leakage detection methodology training at Ninh Binh                                             10/JAN/2018 announcement
 ◆We conducred a water leakage detection methodology training for personnel in Ninh Binh Clean
  Water JSC-NBWS from 4th to 9th December,2017.
  The Non-Revenue Water(NRW) rate at Ninh Binh is 40% and it is an urgent challenge.
  In the first half, class room lectures, including NRW measures, prevention of water leakage and
  basic knowledge of water leakage detection, were given.
  In the second half, On the Job Training(OJT) was implemented in a field using various leak detection

The progress of NRW project in Bangarole,India-2   28/OCT/2016 announcement
 ◆ We have successfully concluded verification survey with the private sector for the water leak
   detection service for service and distribution pipes using a monitoring technology at site.
   We conducted the pilot project from March 2015 to September 2016 for a period of 1year 6months.
   The project we implemented and training of leakage detection and verification survey with the
   private sector for using a monitoring technology system.
   At the same time, we held a seminar about technical assistance using instrumentals and the
   importance of water leakage survey.

 ◆ The outcomes of project
  ・Suitability of the proposed product(L-sign) to local environment
  ・Assistance of the importance of water leakage survey for NRW project
  ・Implementation of training of water leakage detection methodologies
  ・Setup NRW unit in BWSSB and development project

   We are looking forward to contributing to development of water service in Bangalore city.

Signed MOU with HueWACO in Hue,Vietnam   28/OCT/2016 announcement
 ◆ As outcomes of Public-Private Partnership(PPP) project "JICA Grassroots Technical Cooperation
   Project" with Yokohama Waterworks Bureau Since February 2014, STS has successfully concluded
   Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU) of Non-Revenue Water(NRW) project with HueWACO since
   31st August 2016.
   Based on the MOU for a period of 3 years, we would like to propose measures to reduce NRW and
   human resource training to other Vietnam Water Companies in cooperation with HueWACO.

   We would like to contribute to reduce NRW in Vietnam.


The progress of NRW project in Bangarole,India-1   14/MAR/2016 announcement
 ◆ We conduct verification survey with the private sector for the water leak detection service using
   a monitoring device at BWSSB(Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board) in Karnataka.
    Period:Feburuary 2015 to February 2017(2years 1month)

 ◆ Leak detection service by leakage monitoring device
  ・Development and setting up of water leakage monitoring device "L-sign" applicable to limited
   water supply schedule.

 ◆ Detecting water leakage point.

 ◆ Water leakage point
  ・Leakage from the joint of service pipe

 ◆ Technical assistance of leakage detection for staff of BWSSB

 ◆ Study tour of BWSSB officials in Japan
  ・Period 21th May 2015 to 28th May 2015

IWA Water Loss Conference 2016   18/FEB/2016 announcement
 ◆IWA Water Loss Conference 2016 will be held in Bangalore,India from February 1st to 3rd.
  We exhibit advanced water leakage devices "L-sign" and induced our JICA project in Bangalore,India.
  In this exhibition,there are domestic and foreign companies in India.
  We are the only Japanese company in this exhibition.

  Thank you for visiting our booth at IWA Water Loss Conference 2016.
  We appreciate all your interest and support.
  We will use your feedback to improve our business.

 ◆As a professional of water leakage survey, STS would like to contribute to NRW measures.

The 10th International Symposium Technology in Kobe 2015
 ◆It has been held from July 20(Mon) to 22(Wed),2015 at Kobe International Exhibition Hall.
  Introduction of our technology.

 ◆Visitor from overseas

 ◆Visitors to our booth

 ◆Our booth

 ◆The Water Leakage Detector for resin pipes which have been developing with Kobe Water Works
  Bureau,Using it, Our new technology "Advanced Screening Method" is introduced.

  Since many visitors from overseas came to our booth,we believe that our technology is required
  not only water works in Japan,but also in the world.

  Thank you for visiting our booth.

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